Mar 11, 2010

Robbed by Uncle Sam

Aaron and I were excited to file our taxes jointly for the first time. SOOOOO many people told me we would get a great return since we were now married and filing together. I was pumped because last year when I filed I got a whopping $57 dollars back. I chalked it up to the fact that the year before I was an intern, and although gaining great experience and loving what I was doing, I was making a very little wage. Good thing for savings accounts, right? Since I had jumped two tax brackets I was robbed by Uncle Sam.

So yesterday when I returned home from work, I was excited to hear how the meeting went at H&R Block. And this is a little how the conversations went:

Me: How much are we getting back?

Aaron: What should we do with all our money?

My eyes got wide and I was dreaming about a second honeymoon, a new car, a new wardrobe, etc.

Me: Should we go back to Greece?

Aaron: Well it won't quite cover a trip to Greece.

, Greece is expensive

Me: Maybe the Virgin Islands?

Aaron: Not quite going to cover that

Oh Shit, this doesn't sound good.

$157!! We are getting $157 effing dollars back. WHAT?!?! How can that be? Now for the kicker... we are getting $157 dollars back after we pay NY the $500 we owe them. I AM FURIOUS! How can I owe this damn state anymore money? So Ridiculous.

I know the idea is that you should not really get any money back, but who doesn't love a little extra cash during tax season? Well, since we have lived in NY, I have yet to know what it is like to have a little extra cash around this time. And the other part that made me upset. The women who did our taxes said, and I quote her, "In any other state you would have seen much more money back, but in NY they view the first year as a hardship." Of course it's a hardship in NY, you keep stealing my money!

Ok, end rant. On a good note, I came home yesterday to homemade oatmeal cookies. Yes, Aaron baked! The first time in 6 years he has ever baked. And boy, were they great! Thanks dear for letting me take out my anger by consuming more calories. =)

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  1. Damn he baked cookies?! I wish I had stopped to chat when I honked as he was walking Willis. I never thought that he'd have cookies, LOL.