Jan 12, 2010

Where in the world?

So blogging has not been a priority for me, but I do have lots to share. The Land Rover has successfully made it's way from St. Louis to the Arctic and Aaron could not be more happy and excited. And, the other person (furbaby) excited is the Willis. Why? Well, he has more room in the backseat. Who would not want more leg room? I still need to get a picture of Willis and his partner and crime in the car. I will do that soon, I promise.

The car arrived on the 29th and we left on the 3rd for (not so) sunny Florida. Aaron's swim team goes every year to escape the Arctic and train outdoors in the sunshine. I was asked to go to help drive the swimmers back and forth to the pool. It was wonderful to be there, despite the record lows at 6 am (36 degrees!) It reminded me of a fabulous and more fit time in my life. For all my swimming friends reading this blog, there were some familiar sets which we were all tortured with. I of course told Aaron they could do more and he should make them hurt. =)

While we were gone, we were very lucky have have Emily and Mark watch Willis and Brady for us. I am sure it was a very long week for them, and we are very grateful that they took such great care of the animals. Brady is easy, feed him and let him sit on your lap and he is one purring kitty. However, Willis needs a (little) bit more care. I mean he is a hyper-anxious, lots of exercise needing, attention seeking, food begging, bed hogging dog.. Thanks, Mark and Emily!

It is nice to be back and getting back in to the swing of things. The first week of classes is underway and my students are back on campus and getting adjusted to a new semester and a new coaching staff.

To my devout blog readers, I will post again sooner than later. No more two week hiatus, I promise.

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