Dec 13, 2009

Not so naked

While out shopping today we picked up a new sweater for Willis. Actually, it's the exact same sweater, with the exact same price of $17.99. For all those who have not seen my many posts on here (and on facebook ) about how horribly, terribly, rotten Willis is, well here it is again- he ate his sweater last week and has been shivering ever long day since last Friday. He suffered. He walked around the block in the pseudo blizzard we had earlier this week. Temps hit a high of -3, when you take into consideration the 40+MPH gusts of wind. Of course, I was bundled head to toe in North Face and Uggs and Willis was, well, you know naked. So, We have stoped making him suffer and bought him the sweater he loved (maybe not) so much.

Mr. A and I always laugh becuase for a HUGE dog, he can somehow curl up so small.

1 comment:

  1. Aww! It's like the doggy fetal position. He's curled up so small!