Dec 11, 2009

My. Paws. Are. Frozen.

Well, we certainly have had some wild weather here in the Arctic- I mean Buffalo. The weather can be so interesting this time of year and you never really know what to expect. On Wednesday night they were calling for lots of lake effect snow in the area, but usually that does not mean too much for us. For those of you not familiar with lake effect snow, we are located about 6 miles north and east of the lake, and usually end up pretty safe in the winter. We may get about 4 inches and about 7 miles south or east of us could get 4x the snow in the same storm. And, the drifting snow is crazy! It is super flat here in the Arctic so one side of the street could be naked and the other side can have a foot of snow.

So Thursday came, and it was (super) windy. There were gusts up to 50+MPH! We ended up with about 4 inches of snow. However, in the Southtowns (we are considered Northtowns) about 8 miles away (and further,) they got up to 20 inches of snow. It all came in the afternoon so the traffic was crazy! The Thruway Authority was recommending not using the highways, and they closed major roads due to drifting snow and low visibility. Luckily, I have never actually seen what any of that means.

So, where am I going with this? We were supposed to head to Columbus, OH this weekend so Mr. A could recruit at Junior Nationals. Well, we woke up this morning to find out that the westbound Thruway was closed for a 20 mile stretch of highway. Hmmm. Can't re-route because it is a blizzard out there. So, I went to work (on my day off). I know I am super fun. Can't a girl just relax? At work, I find out that the Thruway was shut down at 1:30 and motorists have been stuck, in their cars. If that were me I so would have been out of gas. I feel like I am always pushing the gas gage. Poor people who were stuck. And did I mention, that the sun is shining where we are, yet they are calling for 12-18 inches of snow just 15 miles from here. It is so wild!

Now, here it is, nearly 3 pm, and the westbound Thruway- still closed. Sorry Columbus here (we don't) come. So bummed! I was pumped to see my friends and of course spend some time shopping. Who needs and excuse to shop?

And for Willis, he is glad we are home. However, he does not want to be outside in the 4 inches of snow and -3 degree (with the wind chill) temps. He dragged me back to the front door, and with his sweet amber eyes said, (as if he can talk) "I am freezing my paws off." I just looked at him and said, "Sorry sweet furbaby, you should not have eaten your sweater."


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