Oct 26, 2009

Willis Loves His Puppy

We bought Willis from a breeder near Ithaca, Ny. We saw a posting in the Buffalo News and while headed east for our dear friends Kristin and Matt's wedding in Boston, we decided to stop "on the way" and check out the litter of pups. Now when I say on the way, it actually added almost three hours to the already long drive. However, it was so worth it!

We pulled up to the farm to see a large Weimaraner. His name was Sterling and he is Willis' father. He was the BIGGEST Weim we had ever seen. Weighing a whopping 125 pounds we were not sure what we were getting ourselves in to. Anyway, the pups were in the outdoor kennel. They were "resting" after a long morning hike with their mom and dad. We went in to the kennel and were immediately attacked by 8 tiny Weim's with very sharp teeth. They were too cute for words! How would we choose? Well, we knew we wanted a male and there were five to choose from. One was HUGE! We said no because we had seen the stud dog and we did not want a 125 pound dog. So, after about 10 minutes of craziness, one dog feel asleep at my feet. He was wearing a red collar and appropriately named, "Red Boy." He was the one. We picked him out and said we would be back after the weekend.

True to our word, we "swung by" Ithaca on our way back from Boston and took Red Boy home with us. Since we knew we would be coming home with a dog, I collected some soft toys from my parents' house. Most of them were stuffed animals that belonged to either myself or my sister. Willis quickly destroyed all stuffed animals. Ripping off ears, eyes, nose, etc. But, one very special puppy has made the long haul. He has been sewn and repaired many times. We have even found more on Ebay for backup. It is his security toy and as we like to call, "his lovey."

See isn't he just the cutest pup?!?!?

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