Oct 14, 2009

who WE are

We are a family of Aaron, Courtney, Willis and Brady, the cat. =) We live in Amherst, Ny and Aaron and Courtney work at the University at Buffalo in the Division of Athletics. We are a normal family.

The animals rule the roost. Brady, is a 5 yr. old male, orange tabby cat. Extremely friendly, persistent, and dominant. He is the ruler. His presence is always known and likes to sit in the center of rooms so he can watch all the happenings. His favorite spot is on top of the cable box, its warm and he is covered.

Willis, is a one and a half year old male Weimaraner. He has become the center of our universe. Sweet, gentle, (giant) and always excited. The typical Weim, but sweeter, well because he is ours. He is full of energy and hardly ever sits still. Especially when we want to relax, he is ready to fetch, go for a walk, or any of the alike. He is the largest lap dog most people have ever seen. We like to call him our snugglesauraus-rex. Some others might call him rotten =)

Recap of the last 2 years:

We bought a house in Feb 08 in Amherst, NY

We found our best friend, Willis:

We got married on July 10, 2009- It was a beautiful day:
We honeymooned in Greece- AMAZING!!!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I love the website, it's very cute and I can't wait to read all about the events and news that happens to you, Aaron, Willis, and Brady.

  2. Love all the pics!!! Now you have to remind me to blog and we can be blogging buddies :) miss you! xoxoxoxoxo