Oct 29, 2009

Name Change = Nightmare

Why is it so hard to change your name? I understand the security measures needed, of course, but it just seems ridiculous! I think it is all a money scam. A way for the government to squeeze more money from you. So, here is a look at how my day went today:

I went to the DMV for many reasons. 1. My registration was up in Sept (oops) so I needed to get a new sticker. 2. I needed to change my name and therefore needed a new license.

So, I go to the registration. I of course have all my paperwork completed. Well, all the paperwork I thought I needed. So I tell the (not so pleasant) woman I need to get a new license and to register my car. She tells me to stop to the left I will need a new picture. Why do I need a new picture?? My license has not expired and I am changing my name, not my face. She tells me I have to. Great, that is another 5 bucks. So I (not so willingly) comply, and get yet another (not so fabulous) license picture.

Then I wait to get to the counter. I fill out the paperwork for the name change and new license. Then, I register my car, and of course have to do all the name changes. It is time to pay and I have a check because that is their preferred payment type. And... "I'm sorry ma'am I cannot take that it has your old name on it." WHAT?? Ok, so I can't change my bank account until I have a photo ID with my new name, and now I can't pay for the license until I have a check that says Courtney Bell? I am lost...

More paperwork. I have to complete a form which authorizes myself to pay for my own license, which is not really me because I now have a new name. So confusing. But wait, there is more. Just as I thought I was free she says, "Oh, we have to do your title." WHAT THE HECK!!

Turns out I need to change my title because I have a new name. If I choose to sell my car I really sort of don't own it since Courtney Gould is like a fictional character now. GOOD GRIEF!

So let's tally what was spent today at the DMV:

New license- $17.50
Renue Car Registration- $25.00
New Car Title- $25.00
Total- $67.50

And who says all I did was get married...

Saturday's mission = Bank of America

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